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Editorial Roundup: Kansas


Topeka Capital-Journal. June 7, 2024.

Editorial: Drivers need to understand cashless driving on the Kansas Turnpike is the way to go

The Kansas Turnpike is going cashless at the end of June. We can’t wait to get on the road again.

We understand some of you might have concerns, questions and maybe even disagree with the change. However, while change can be difficult, this is the way of the world. Modernization waits for no one.

“This is the largest change for Turnpike customers since opening day in 1956,” said Steve Hewitt, CEO of the KTA. “We are excited to improve safety while also enhancing the customer experience and modernizing our operations.”

We’re excited to see the Turnpike modernize to meet the needs of Kansas in 2024. An effort to go this direction has been underway for nearly a decade. And this brings the Turnpike into the modern era of online commerce.

Many users don’t even have cash on hand to make the purchase anyway, so this change just makes sense from where we stand.

This process will make traveling the Turnpike smoother and in fact safer as fewer stops will be necessary. We see this as a good thing.

For many of the Turnpike’s users, little will change, as nearly 70% use K-TAGs or similar devices from other states.

If you don’t already have a K-TAG, we strongly encourage you to get one. The basic windshield mounted version is free and easy to install. K-TAGs are also usable in other state toll road systems including Texas, Oklahoma and Florida.

For those who still don’t want to participate, don’t worry, users will be billed via the U.S. mail based on your license plate — but know you’ll be charged a higher rate. Your other option would be to use a different highway, which may take you on a longer route.

We believe the Kansas Turnpike Authority is doing a good job getting information out there, but it will still be a difficult transition as these types of projects always have an element of unforeseen challenges.

We appreciate KTA moving forward and expect them to address these challenges forthrightly.

The Topeka Capital-Journal has put together a full set of questions about the upcoming changes to help Turnpike users learn more before they hit the highway. Go check it out online. You can also visit the Turnpike’s website or call 1-800-USE-KTAG (873-5824).

This is the price you pay for nice roads.